What Does Your Brand Stand For? Define It With Pillars.

Branch | What Does Your Brand Stand For? Define It With Pillars.

What Does Your Brand Stand For? Define It With Pillars.

At its core, what does your business stand for? What are the driving forces behind every decision you make for your business? What markers do you have in place to make sure your brand’s quality stays consistent?

Pillars can help you answer these questions. Simply put, pillars are words that you set as guiding principles for your brand. They keep you on track when you have to make decisions, both big and small while helping you decide if an opportunity is the right fit for your company.

The premise is simple: follow your pillars and you’ll stay true to your business ethics and goals. Most businesses only need about five pillars to be well rounded.

Giving some further thought to pillars, here are the words that currently define Branch:

1. Open — Knowledge is power. Sharing is a two-way street and the best way to grow as a business is to keep an open mind to new projects, ideas and opportunities.

2. Consistent — Produce work that looks good, feels good and most importantly, serves a purpose, day after day.

3. Timeless — Develop design solutions that pop but ultimately, stand the test of time and still feel fresh years down the road.

4. Educational — Don’t just show, but tell. Inform and explain concepts in an easy to digest manner. Avoid jargon.

5. Inspirational — Share innovative solutions and content. Push the boundaries. Avoid stuffiness and show that design can be fun.

Your turn: What are your brand pillars and how do they directly relate to your business goals? Remember, they can change down the road. This is just your starting place to make sure you’re making decisions that feel in line with your business ethos.

4 thoughts on “What Does Your Brand Stand For? Define It With Pillars.

  1. This is so timely, I’m in the middle of taking my blog from hobby to something serious, and branding is so key, definitely reminds me to sit down and make sure I pan out what it’s real pillars are.

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