Want Something Inspiring in Your Mailbox For A Change? Sign Up For Snail Mail!

We Are Branch | Holiday Print Promo

I don’t know about you but here at Branch, we miss the days of snail mail. You know, the days when you could open your mailbox and find something other than bills, cheesy catalogs and mailers trying to sell you services for carpet cleaning and oil changes!

In an effort to brighten up your mailbox, we came up with the idea of sending out quarterly postcard promos. If you’d like to receive our first one, please email us at hello@wearebranch.com with “Snail Mail” as the subject line, along with your mailing address. We promise not to spam you and there are no strings attached. They’re just our little way of saying thank you for following along with our work, learnings and adventures.

Happy holidays, everyone. -Shauna

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