Studio Life: New Beginnings

Branch | Studio Life: New Beginnings

If you’ve ever launched a website of your own, it’s always the same story: on the surface, it seems so easy but it always takes three times longer than expected.

Well, today’s the day, folks! Two years ago almost to the day, Branch launched and there was just 10 days in total to make the website a reality. Looking back, maybe that was the best way for things to happen — there was no dedicated studio space yet and I only had a vague idea of who our ideal client would be. Sometimes, it’s better to just launch and learn. Work hard, listen and over time, the answers you’re seeking will become more obvious. Then, go back and refine.

What I expected to go back and revamp six months later ended up stretching on for two years. We were booked up for months at a time and while it was a welcome distraction, the time had come to finally rebuild.

Studio Life: New Beginnings

As you take a look around, I hope the new site feels more intuitive and comprehensive. There are touches of animation, more detailed About and Services pages and larger images throughout, most noticeably on the blog and in the portfolio.

This relaunch also marks the debut of a feature we never quite got around to the first time around — a mailing list! You can sign up for the Branch Bulletin at the bottom of any page on the site and as a thank you, you’ll receive an immediate gift of a PDF linked with our 50 top design resources.

While the blog tends to focus on project launches and articles dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, the mailing list will feature more personal, behind the scenes content, exclusive freebies and offers. Think of it as a letter from one friend to another filled with only good stuff.

Moving forward, the content schedule around here will look like this:

Every Monday: new blog post
Last Friday of the month (November onwards): new e-newsletter

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

-Shauna and the Branch team

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