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Branch | Brand Refresh

Sometimes, a brand doesn’t need a full facelift. A nip here and a tuck there can be enough to make it feel more current. In our case, Branch has been going though some updates over the last few months but the outcome isn’t that dramatically different.

While the branding has remained exactly the same, two new patterns have been added to break up the use of solid colors. One, a vintage botanical print alludes to the name Branch itself and our tagline, Take Your Brand To New Heights. A soft marble pattern rounds out the mix to add some visual interest to backgrounds. A new green swatch has been introduced into the palette as well. The overall look is softer and more refined but not a complete departure from where we began.

If you’re unsure of how far you need to go with your own rebrand, it’s always helpful to start by carrying over the strongest bits and pieces and then seeing how you feel before taking the leap towards investing even more time and money.

Unless you feel completely embarrassed by your current brand, it’s usually not necessary to throw away everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Perhaps you can slightly modify your brand with a new and improved type treatment. Maybe you can keep the colors it’s known for. Pulling some of the existing visual cues into your refreshed image will keep your current audience from feeling completely alienated and allow you to build an improved foundation upon your already established base.

A fantastic example of brand evolution is Starbucks. While there’s a noticeable difference in each new iteration, the core elements remain intact.

If you’re feeling the pull towards a fresh look, start by first asking yourself if you need a full rebrand or if a more subtle refresh will do — a few simple updates can make a big impact. -Shauna

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