Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Design Tips and Giveaway!

Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Issue 3

While the corporate behemoths of the publishing industry are struggling, self-publishing is flourishing. Blogs and small businesses are producing printed content in an effort to reach their audiences in unique and exciting ways and Rock n Roll Bride Magazine is a perfect example of this trend.

Once a year, we partner up to collaborate on a print issue. The first two issues of Kat’s magazine had essentially been compiled “best of the blog” style, with her most popular content being remixed with a few new, exclusive pieces.

By the time the third issue rolled around, rapid sales had more than proven that Rock N Roll Bride Magazine was here to stay and Kat was ready to step it up. She spent months culling together never before seen weddings, penning almost every article herself and shelling out her own money to produce an exclusive photo shoot.

Producing 84 pages of all original content is no easy feat, even when you have some of the best photographers, stylists and florists at your fingertips but Kat persevered. Then, it was our turn to get to work! That all too familiar rush of panic and excitement hit one morning as our inbox filled up with text documents and links to download photo shoots.

Since we’d done Kat’s identity, media kit, website and the first two issues of her magazine, we had a good idea of where we wanted this issue to go. But still, there are always visual shifts that happen over the course of a year. We ended up subtly reworking a lot of the layouts, tweaking some of the headline styling and adding in a handwritten typeface throughout to spice up the design.

Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Issue 3

Art directing and designing a magazine from cover to cover is no easy feat. If you ever find yourself working on a large-scale print project, we have some tips:

1. Create a chart of the pagination. Even if it’s rough, you should have a general idea of how many pages are allotted for each section. Don’t forget to factor in the basics like the table of contents, contributors page, letter from the editor and so on.

2. Request all of the necessary specs. Does the printer have a minimum number of pages that they require for bulk runs? What are the page dimensions? Do you know what the bleeds are? What format do they want files submitted as? Do they accept digital deliveries of the final files?

3. Set up a file system that works for you. Nothing looks more unprofessional than losing files and having to re-request them! In the beginning, we created a working folder with each of Kat’s four sections labeled inside. And then, inside each of those folders contained another folder for each article. We also had a Final Assets folder that we collected the high resolution images into as they rolled in and relinked from there.

4. Set up an article or sample chapter before designing the entire publication. Work out any potential design and layout flaws before you dive into the whole thing. Your client will appreciate having a glimpse into how their project is taking shape and you can both make sure your visions are meshing.

5. Request final assets as soon as possible! A lot the time, photographers aren’t sure which images will be chosen for a piece so they tend to send through an entire album in low-res format. Once you and your client have agreed on the layouts, get the ball rolling and request all the high resolution assets so that you’re not holding up production times waiting on a few outstanding images at the end.

We’re thrilled with the results of issue 3 but there’s never much time to rest when your clients are a bunch of overachievers — we’ve partnered up with Kat for another new and exciting project that begins in December and we promise, it’s going to be worth the wait.

Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Issue 3

Magazine Giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of issue 3 of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine, we’ve partnered up to give away three issues! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what your all-time favorite magazine is and why.

The giveaway closes on October 10th at 12 a.m. PST. Three winners will be drawn at random and notified via email so please make sure to include a current one that you check regularly! Magazines will be shipped directly from the U.K. This is open to residents worldwide. Good luck!

79 thoughts on “Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Design Tips and Giveaway!

  1. My favorite magazine (besides the first 2 issues of the Rock n Roll Bride Magazine) has to be Vogue. Even when I don’t have time to read the articles, the photo shoots are always fantastic. I also enjoy drooling over all the pretty clothes & accessories.

  2. Domino!
    The content and gorgeous pictures feed my appetite not just colors but also design! Love them..and I love rocknroll bride magazine too. So rock n rollin’!

  3. My favorite magazine has got to be Martha Stewart Living – the photography is always gorgeous. The “Tomatoes On Grilled Bread” cover of the August 2013 issue had me going nutso; I craved grilled bread with delicious, sweet, juicy heirloom tomatoes all dang summer! Besides that – Zymurgy for the home brewer/beer lover content. Unfortunately it’s not very visually appealing.

  4. It’s so hard just to choose one magazine BUT, I will for you. πŸ˜‰ Elle has been mine for a few years now. As a designer, I constantly find visual inspiration, especially for layouts. My back issues are gold!

  5. Over the years — and from working in the fashion industry — I’ve fallen in and out of love with various magazines, from Allure to Marie Claire, from British Vogue to Nylon. The one magazine I have consistently loved is… American Playboy! Maybe it’s a bit unfeminist-y for me to say it’s my favorite, but I absolutely love the branding (and the articles are a great read… don’t really care for the naked women though…) Playboy KNOWS what it stands for, knows its image and has withstood the test of time, various face lifts, etc. without changing its spirit.

    So… Playboy it is.

  6. As a woman of a certain era, the one that made the biggest impact on me as a teen/pre-teen was Sassy! Today, Vanity Fair is my favorite.

  7. There is a magazine that is sadly out of print now called Missbehave. It was awesome! I still have the issues and still flip through them all the time. I miss it!

  8. Muso freak here πŸ™‚ Metal Hammer holds a special place in my heart because in NZ pre-internet you weren’t very connected to the international music scene, and having a subscription enabled me to learn about and keep up with overseas bands who I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to. Also, I love that they’ve featured a lot of strong, beautiful, fierce women musicians over the years.

  9. Nail It! is my favorite magazine because, well, hello! Nail art! A close second would be mental floss- they always have articles that get you thinking- perfect for reading on the plane ride when you are jetsetting!

  10. So, so gorgeous! Love the little sneak peek inside this magazine.

    My favorite magazine, before it went digital, was Paste. Not only did I love the music and culture they covered – I loved the bold earth tones they used for their magazine nameplate and the paper they printed the cover on – so soft and velvety feeling!

  11. Kinfolk is one of my favourites! I love the paper it’s printed on and the photography is amazing!
    Monster Children is also interesting – it’s printed horizontal, not vertical which is why it caught my eye in the first place!

  12. Oh my goodness… it’s nearly impossible for me to choose because I’m a magazine designer and therefore a mega maga-phile (if there is such a thing). BUT… because I would love to win this, I will say Lula, because it really is magical!

  13. This issue looks, as usual, absolutely stunning. I would love to win a copy.

    My favourite all time magazine is Oh Comely, a London based magazine which features mainly art, crafts and fashion, and full of white space, handwritten fonts and ethereal photography.
    It is my number one because, as much as I love devouring Elle, Vogue or Harpers, there is a great deal of these magazines that don’t apply to me or my life. It is wonderful to find a magazine that can both hold my attention cover to cover and relate to my interest and surroundings. The mix of low-key, natural fashion shoots and obviously the connection to Neutral Milk Hotel is perfect.

    I also subscribe to Elle Decoration, for the stunning interior shots, and Huck magazine, which is full of surf/skate culture but also concentrates on current social trends and issues, and is regularly guest edited/art directed. Lovely.

  14. My favourite magazine (even though I’m now well into my 20s) is Teen Vogue. As a teenager living in Australia, finding this pint sized publication in my local newsagent was like a revelation. The fun art direction still makes me smile.

  15. I have always loved Computer Arts magazine – it was the best window to the world of design that I could possibly find growing up in a small, isolated town. It was not only beautiful, but made beauty seem like something I could create with my own two hands.

  16. I go through cycles with magazines, and I’m currently obsessed with Chickpea, a quarterly publication focused on vegan food. The styling and photography are stunning, and they really come up with some fantastic recipe suggestions.

  17. Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper.
    All my favourites in one magazine: fashion, furniture design, and architecture. Le swoooon!

  18. My fave mag is one here in Australia called Peppermint. It’s a bit of an underground publication sharing stories of women, sustainability and fashion.

    Congrats on Issue Three: it’s gorgeous! X

  19. I have the hugest crush on Rika magazine and can not wait to get my hands on an actual copy.
    I always check out Esquire (sometimes GQ) when I’m at the bookstore. The cover is always amazing and makes me want to purchase it, mostly for the typography, sometimes for the occasional dudes. I guess you could consider that a bonus :p
    I’m 100% guilty of buying magazines for the design and only actually reading the contents months later.

  20. I do LOVE the Rock n Roll Magazines. The content is awesome. I love how its so colourful & so beautifully designed. But, one of my all time favourite magazines has to be Elle. I’ve been obsessed with it for so many years now. I love all of the content & I can’t get enough of the style of the photography, articles & art direction. Eek, I’d love to see all of the contributor’s of Elle’s houses! Perfection.

  21. I am gonna be in a niche group here. My all time favorite magazine is FiveonFive magazine. It’s a quarterly magazine dedicated to Roller Derby. The one and only magazine I read cover to cover (and over and over) when it comes in the mail. If you are dedicated to the sport then it’s definitely the magazine for you.

  22. I am a printed matter addict. When I come home and there’s a magazine in the mailbox…. that’s the best feeling in the world. OK, not the very best….. but I like it a LOT.

    New York is my favorite. Fantastic design, fantastic articles. And weekly! Always a treat.

    Shout out to the mag that started it all for me: Sassy.

    PS – about what you said on the nubby post: I too have noticed the kick-ass design going on in the men’s mags – GQ, esquire. I always wonder why the difference, and wish we got more creative design in ours.

  23. I’m a terrible magazine hoarder; Regardless of content, if the design is cool, my debit card is being swiped! A new favourite I picked up recently is Peppermint I just loved the masthead, and after giving it a good look over, they really know how to use pastels, white space, combining fonts, and keeping it all rather ethereal on an offset stock that gave it a great presence and feel.

    And I just read up and see someone else mentioned the same mag!

  24. Oh dear, unsurprisingly I am super unhip. My fave magazine I have been reading my whole life is the NZ Listener. Current affairs, baby! Just call me Nana . . .

  25. I am also a magazine junkie but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Missbehave. I have almost all the issues of Missbehave Magazine which was published from 2006-2009. I really liked the edgy fashion, sassy articles, and colorful fashion spreads.

  26. Oh dear, unsurprisingly I am super unhip. My fave magazine I have been reading my whole life is the NZ Listener. Current affairs, baby! Just call me Nana . .

  27. BUST magazine: a little bit of DIY, a little bit of pop culture, a little bit of cultural criticism and loads of 3rd wave feminist influence and girl power!

    (Though I’m also a sucker for Smithsonian, which I grew up reading. Definitely what one of my professors calls a “recreational learner”.)

  28. My favourite magazine has to be Hello May – it’s a new bridal magazine that’s recently launched in Australia (not too dissimilar to Rock n’ Roll Bride actually). It’s photography is just stunning and their type setting? It’s practically font porn. Love it.

  29. Kinfolk is my jam. Print mags are a rare treat for me these days, but I’m a sucker for the clean and minimalistic.

  30. Hands down Real Living, an Australian interior design magazine. I buy it more for it’s layouts and adorable covers with handwritten type, but any magazine that can sell me furniture for a house I don’t have must be doing right!

    Or should I perhaps say Rock N Roll Bride? Ha, I bought the previous issue purely because Shauna had designed the thing front to back, and was so excited about it. It was a dream of mine to work in magazines also, so when I read the news – after following the blog for 4 years – I knew I had to have it. As for the content, I don’t even have a boyfriend, let alone a wedding to plan! Just another one for the “beautifully designed stuff” pile I’ve been hoarding.

  31. At the moment, I’m really enjoying Things & Ink magazine, which is a UK based tattoo magazine that features some really amazing and quirky photography and artwork.

  32. My favorite magazine is Salt. ( I like the way it looks, but what I love is the way the magazine makes me feel. When I read it I get so inspired. I want to go trail running, live in a retro mobile home & be outside in thunderstorms. I love it.

  33. My favorite magazine… this is so hard. I think it is Viva magazine, a Dutch title. It was the title that gave me the opportunity to grow as a journalist, believing in me when there was absolutely no reason to (as a young beginning writer).

  34. My favourite magazine has to be the now defunct The Face. I loved the photography in it as well as the sense of humour. It featured music, fashion and culture and during the 90’s it was absolutely amazing!

  35. Hi, I must say that I do flick around with magazines. I read quite a few as they seem to go through trends etc. But one that I always seem to come back to is Marie Claire. I love the features that they have and I take inspiration from the fashion.

  36. Besides Rock n Roll Bride, which has instantly become one of my favourites. This is initially thanks to Rock n Roll Bride blog which is addictive. I’m an avid Facebook checker looking for the next update. As I am a hoarder of magazines and taking Rock n Roll Bride out of the equation, it has to be vogue.

    I believe vogue has developed over time and reflects the society and community we live it. I adore the mix of haute couture gowns and high street fashion. Similarly to Rock n Roll bride, it’s the photography which grabs me and draws me in. These pictures inspire me and help me to develop my own personal style which I see as an extension of my personality and is in everything from the clothes I wear to how I hope to plan my wedding. It is empowering, giving me the confidence to be different and bold. Even with out the great editorials the pictures tell as story, which so many other magazines fail to get wright. Vogue has the perfect combination.

  37. I love FASHION, so my most favorite magazines have always been VOGUE, ELLE, and Harper’s Bazaar…..BUT, I have a new favorite…..NYLON! It’s fun, exciting and rather new and it speaks to my carefree side.

  38. I have a few faves depending on the category ( sorry, I know that’s cheating a bit ). ‘Habitus'( for achitectural design – such thought provoking intelligent articles and to die for photography .’Peppermint'( for sustainable style – again both intelligent and gorgeous looking. Lastly ‘Extra Curricular’ ( an inspiration zine for creatives- quirky and whimsical. If I have to choose it has to be ‘Peppermint’.

  39. I’m so completely out of touch coming from a small town and I never get to go to large stores so the only magazines I buy are Ideal Home and Wedding Ideas Magazine, but one day I will venture out and spread my wings x

  40. I have recently fallen in love with The Simple Things. Beautiful photography, beautiful products, beautiful articles that inspire me to have a more simple life and concentrate on what really matters: time spent with loved ones, good food, meaningful conversations… something to aspire to outside and inside of the hustle and bustle of this city I call home.

  41. My favourite magazine would have to be Computer arts magazine.

    I buy the iPad version as I can get a really good crisp image for the graphics and can click on the links to other sites so easily. When I buy the actual magazine, I just love the feel of the paper and the unusual shape of the magazine. It’s a nice feeling on the fingertips!

  42. My favourite ever magazine is Grazia. Aspirational, current and beautifully styled. And it’s out every week too which I love.

  43. I will always love Rolling Stone. The interviews are great, I ALWAYS learn about great new artists, and the photoshoots they do are very unique and show the musician/celebrity/politician’s personality.

  44. Hello there!

    Firstly, congratulations the We are Branch studio launch – this looks like an exciting venture and the new site is lovely.

    My favourite magazines at the moment rare Things and Ink, and Frankie. Oh and Little White Lies. When I was a teenager it was The Face.

    Have a cool day!

  45. I love Martha Stewart’s new design (simple, clean) .. other than that I don’t buy a lot of magazines. But I love receiving them! πŸ™‚

  46. My all time favorite magazine had to be Sassy…. It was the teen magazine for girls that weren’t the mainstream…. I so MISS that magazine, however, that generation grew into BUST, which is still a favorite after 15 yrs! πŸ™‚

  47. I’m always pinching my mums Good Housekeeping! Great magazine, full of tips and tricks for the old and the young! πŸ™‚

  48. I love Frankie magazine. It is the perfect balance of style, music, art, DIY, and thoughtful articles. Growing up in a small town Frankie has always reminded me that there are tons of badass women out there interested in the same things I am and helps me feel connected.

  49. I have to say love browsing magazine designs in general, I’m nerdy that way. I’m not sure I could pick just one design fave… I love Esquire and Inked, and of course it’s hard to resist Elle and Vogue.

  50. My favorite magazine at the moment is The Gentlewoman. While I LOVE magazines, I am becoming more and more tired of the “magazine as catalogue” idea, where the mag is more of a giant ad than anything else. The Gentlewoman is thoughtful, engaging, and the design is simple and pleasing.

  51. My favourite ever magazine is TeenVogue. This is probably a strange one because I don’t subscribe to it anymore yet I still love it! Once upon a time there was a shy 15 year old in a little town near Leicester, UK. She didn’t know which way her life was going and didn’t have any inspiration. She then spotted a strange US magazine called TeenVogue and found enough inspiration to break out from the norm and dream a little bigger.

    I love TeenVogue because it was everything that was missing in UK teen magazines – creativity, mismatched clothes that worked, amazing typography and inspiring stories. It showed me new products, new trends and new ideas that were not necessarily accepted in the UK yet. I think it has built me into the curious, creative and adventurous woman that I am today and I’m grateful that I spotted it in the corner shop!

  52. I am a magazine junkie. But I have over a year’s stack of untouched reads to (eventually) go through. I have to refrain from adding more, but for Rock n Roll Bride, I’ll make an exception. I think my favorite magazine was Elle US. A feel for an un-stuffy higher-end life filled with killer clothes.

  53. My favourite mag would by Glamour. Cover lots of interesting topics, amazing make-up, beauty and lifestyle trends. Also use a variety of different size, race models I their fashion spreads

  54. Just one? That’s a tough one, but I suppose I’d have to say Psychology Today! Even though I admire magazines like Vogue, W, etc. for their typography and often killer photography, I like a magazine with substance. Psychology Today delivers that and I learn something new every time!

  55. Hands down, I’d have to say, Bitch Magazine. I first encountered it when I was still and college and I really enjoyed every piece of it, from the artworks to the content itself. It’s never boring, always balls out, no nonsense with their commentaries in just about anything. πŸ™‚

  56. I might be showing my age here, but I still mourn for THE FACE, which has been out of print for almost 10(!) years. It’s what made me fall for editorial design when I was a teenager.

  57. Hello! Seeing as I have my own wedding to plan I’ve been dying to get my hands on a copy of Rock n Roll bride! My current favourite magazine is probably Vogue UK.

  58. The issue looks fantastic, congratulations and it’s really inspiring to see you guys constantly upping the ante!

    I don’t think I could go past Vogue Korea, the shoots are so fresh and fun.

    Other than that, Nylon and Oyster are always a good read. Thanks for running the competition!

  59. I’m stuck between fitness and fashion. Glamour and SELF are good picks normally because they are a good mix between the two. They always have great “real life” articles that make you think twice about certain subjects. But now that’s I’m engaged, it’s all wedding magazines!

  60. I missed it but I’m telling you anyway! Frankie magazine. Frankie means a lot to me, I found it when I was travelling in Australia in one of the happiest times and it spoke to me from the shelves…it said ‘hello! Women are not obsessed with diets and self hatred, they love music, design and photogrpahy….and plenty of cute sh*t’. Boy oh boy do I love Frankie! P.s congrats on your new site!

  61. Thanks so much for participating in our giveaway this week! We loved reading all your responses. The three winners have now been emailed. -Shauna

  62. All time favourite is such a loaded phrase, especially if you are someone who has catholic (small ‘c’) tastes and a flibbertigibbet brain! Currently holding my number one spot is Geeked – – its eclectic and electric and comes online and in a bag-sized format as hard copy. Each issue is themed around a central philosophical idea, and it draws its illustrators from comics and photography, leading to interesting visuals that work with the content rather than merely framing them in ‘pretty’.

  63. My all time favorite magazine is Nylon. No other fashion magazine has captured my imagination then Nylon. Whenever I read Nylon, I feel encouraged to dress like myself and celebrate how unique my style is instead of feeling the urge to copy whatever the magazine is telling me to wear.

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