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We Are Branch | Shien Lee Cosmetics

Shien Lee is a multi-talented New York-based entrepreneur with an extensive background in event production and a passion for beauty products. We are so excited to be a part of her latest launch, Shien Cosmetics! This project has been a huge labor of love over the last two years. As you know, creating a cosmetics line from scratch is no easy feat but Shien’s eye for detail and inspiring drive made it possible for all the pieces to come together, from branding to product formulations to photo shoots.

You may be thinking that there are plenty of beauty lines out there already but Shien had a unique angle when it came to creating her formulations. Finding it difficult to source lipstick that worked with her golden-olive skin, she took it upon herself to design her own with Asian skin tones in mind.

About the formulations, Shien says that “each lipstick is infused with a powerful blend of natural bio-nutrients, vitamins and rich emollients including white camellia oil, red algae extract, green tea extract and vitamins C and E to nourish lips and prevent premature signs of aging.”

Branch worked with Shien to design the brand identity and initially, there were quite a few colors and patterns we played with, many with intricate Asian-inspired motifs. But each time, we came back to simplicity. We wanted the line to feel sophisticated and timeless and to not overpower the product story. The branding centers around two snakes intertwining — snakes are a powerful symbol in Chinese legends and as Shien mentioned in our early conversations, “snakes communicate feminine power, mystery and magic.”

We Are Branch | Shien Lee Cosmetics

Later, we worked with Shien to create the packaging. The lipstick tube features a glossy black finish, silver wordmark and a tonal embossed dragon symbol in the lid. The matte black boxes features a spot varnish of the oversized snake symbol that lines up when they are placed in succession.

Once the branding and packaging were wrapped up, Shien ran with the basics and created all the product formulations, visuals and the website. It’s been amazing to watch her make it happen in quick succession — she is one busy woman but makes it all look totally effortless and that is admirable!

Shien Cosmetics Giveaway

In celebration of the Shien Cosmetics launch, we’re partnering up for a giveaway so you can try out the lipsticks for yourself! To enter, please visit the Shien Cosmetics shop and then comment below letting us know which shade of lipstick is your favorite and why.

The giveaway closes on Saturday, November 30th at 12 a.m. PST. Three winners will be drawn at random and sent the lipstick of your choice. You will be notified via email so please make sure to include a current one that you check regularly! This is open to residents worldwide. Good luck!

All model and product photos by Shien Cosmetics. Packaging photos by Branch.

55 thoughts on “Project Spotlight & Giveaway: Shien Cosmetics

  1. I already own and adore Cobra Lily, a perfectly bold yet wearable shade. Red Lantern is utterly swoon-worthy, a truly classic, iconic red.

  2. “Red Lantern” is my favorite, it is a bold and sexy statement. Also I would like to say how I love the simple design of the product as well as the logo – it has an Asian as well as a very Celtic/Nordic feel to it.

  3. I’ve seen this make the rounds the last few days and love that you’re behind the branding! Gorgeous. And as an olive-hued lady I love the shades, too.

    I’d pick Red Lantern – looks like the perfect poppy red.

  4. I love that logo design so much! Stunning. As for the lipsticks… Viper’s Kiss looks like the perfect raspberry/cherry shade that I’ve been trying to find. It would get a lot of wear during the upcoming holiday season!

  5. I can’t ever have enough bright, true reds, so Red Lantern is my favorite, though I am coveting all the other red shades as well. Gorgeous colors, gorgeous branding. Love the stark simplicity and the snake motif.

  6. Viper’s Kiss, because I love dark lipsticks but the deep burgundies never look good against my yellow-toned olive/mediterranean skin. I would love to try a dark lipstick color designed to work with that kind of coloring.

  7. My Favorite has to be Cobra Lily because it’s such a bold shade and since I have darker skin it looks gorgeous and it’s perfect for the holiday season.

  8. I’m white and have red-toned skin, so it makes it very hard for me to find red shades that don’t exacerbate my pinkness. However, since I’ve been delving more into the red-plum colors, I’ve found that it actually really balances out my pinkness, and also matches my purple hair! Because of that, I’d LOVE to give Cobra Lily a try – it’s the same shade I am looking at getting for my wedding next February.

  9. They all look fabulous, but Cobra Lily seems like just the winter shade I’ve been looking for to compliment my pale skin. It looks so rich!

  10. Red Lantern resonates the light and vibrant red I have been looking for in a lipstick. After I got to first experience red lipstick for my wedding (a recommendation from my make up artist), I simply decided that I needed one of my own. We all got the right to go bold every now and then.

  11. All of these lipsticks look gorgeous! my favorite is definitely Dynasty though because although it’s a nude-ish color, the subtle hint of pink and glimmer makes it gives it a quirky twist.

  12. I’ve admired Shien from a long time – used to follow her on LiveJournal! From Dances of Vice to the Alternative Guide to Beijing, and now this, she never ceases to amaze me.

    That said… I’d like to try Viper’s Kiss, a perfect darker-but-not-too-dark-for-day red!

  13. My favourite shade is Wild Peony because it’s beautiful, bold and feminine. I love the reds too, but I’m not quite as bold to wear it all the time. Everyone loves red, but this pink is different. I have trouble starting up conversations with people and this amazingly coloured lipstick could be a wonderful little conversation starter!

  14. I have very pale skim and darker lipsticks that arent pure red to go with my skintone are like gold dust. Vipers Kiss is a beautiful shade. I love my lipsticks and id wear it so often. Not being well and having several chronic illnesses means my makeup is my ‘pick me up’. Its the one thing that makes me feel more normal, gives me confidence and means so much to me, when its on and this lipstick would be perfect for me and make me feel like i can be pretty πŸ™‚ <3 xx

  15. They are all gorgeous, but Lust Caution is hands-down my favorite. I’ve been looking for a good red lipstick, and I think this is it! The branding is fantastic as well. Great work!

  16. Oh my gosh, Gold Viper looks amazing. Secretly I’ve always liked orange-ish toned lipsticks (maybe from years of being exposed to them via Mexican soap-operas), but they always had to be layered with something else so that they weren’t so shocking, and this one looks like it has that perfect meld.

  17. Cobra Lily. It looks like a wearable, seductive take on the look of the Noir period. PERFECT for my burlesque alter-ego-Moxie Glitterbottom to rock on stage!

  18. Red Lantern would definitely be my first pick! A girl can never have too many red lipsticks. The branding, packaging, product and site looks amazing. Great job!

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