Project Spotlight: Shien Cosmetics Lookbook

Branch | Shien Cosmetics Lookbook

Shien Cosmetics was the first-ever beauty brand we had the opportunity to work with and since then, it’s been awesome watching it get recognition in the cosmetics market and beyond — just last week, The Dieline did a feature!

As you can imagine, launching a cosmetics line is always a gamble since the industry is so saturated but Shien followed her passion and gave her line a unique twist, catering specifically to golden-olive skintones that the majority of mainstream makeup brands tend to overlook.

Branch | Shien Cosmetics Lookbook

Since then, loyal fans have been piling up and it was time to take the next step with a lookbook that could work in both digital and print formats. We designed this piece so that Shien can easily attach a PDF to email inquiries with retailers and also print it on demand through Magcloud so she has physical copies on hand for meetings and trade shows.

Branch | Shien Cosmetics Lookbook

When Shien first came to us with these beautiful photos, her plan was to do a 4 page lookbook but after one look at these assets, we knew that they all had to make their way in somehow! With such strong, luxurious images, our goal was to pull back as much as possible on the design and let the makeup swatches and models speak for themselves.

Learn more about Shien’s gorgeous line of makeup here. -Shauna

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