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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
― Maya Angelou

We recently wrapped up the third incarnation of the Rock n Roll Bride media kit in just as many years — founder Kat Williams moves fast! She always comes to us with new ideas for her media kits and once completed, they tend to hold up for a solid year. And then, it’s time to tweak, modify and make the whole document even better than before. Kat isn’t one to rest on her laurels — when she knows better, she does better.

Kat’s full-time job is managing one of the largest alternative wedding blogs in the world and she takes her role very seriously. When she’s not penning articles and sharing eccentric weddings, Kat is dreaming up new ways to make her advertisers even more successful and this year, we added a four page article outlining how they can get the best results from their placements.

We also included even more testimonials, outlined notable press features and added a little “I Believe” section to her manifesto. With so many wedding blogs out there, it’s all about being confident enough to stand apart instead of blending in — Kat isn’t afraid to showcase distinct looks, bold personalities and plenty of candy-colored hair.

Now weighing in at 22 pages, this PDF is beginning to resemble a magazine — which Kat just also happens to have (does she ever sleep?!)

Congrats to Kat on her fab new look! -Shauna

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