Project Spotlight: Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Issue 6

Branch | Rock n Roll bride Magazine Issue 6

First off, Happy New Year!

We had a very snowy start with a big storm hitting Portland a few days after ringing in 2016 and it was beautiful to admire from afar through the office windows (we’re on the second level of a building that was built in the 1930s). Anyway, after binge-watching some really bad movies and plenty of home improvement shows over the holiday break, it’s time to get back to work!

First up for the new year is the latest issue of Rock n Roll Bride magazine. As you probably know by know, Kat is a long-time friend of the studio (we even founded another business together called The Blogcademy a few years back) and over the Summer, she pulled her magazine from a corporate publishing partnership to take it back in-house. Bringing it back in-house meant that she not only took complete control over the editorial content, advertising placements and distribution but also, the design. We’d originally partnered up five years before to test the waters with a few annual issues so it felt like a great fit to take the project back on.

This is our third issue as team and in that time, we’ve revamped the branding along with redesigning the entire magazine from the ground up. This issue finally feels like everything flows from beginning to end — after plenty of trials (and errors!) I think we’ve hit our stride and if you pick up an issue, I hope you’ll agree!

Branch | Rock n Roll bride Magazine Issue 6

Speaking of this issue, the 164 pages are absolutely packed with helpful and original content that will help you plan your own alternative wedding. The gorgeous cover was shot by Ed Godden and the inside is just as beautiful. Some highlights include 11 real weddings (gloriously un-retouched and full of tons of unique ideas), 11 “steal their style” features (grab the look from your favorite weddings without all the digging), plenty of advice, a thought-provoking article about bridal beauty standards penned by body image activist Harnaam Kaur, tutorials to create your own customized wedding cake, a beautiful braided hairdo and flower crown and of course, so much more!

You can pick up the issue at news agents and grocery stores across the U.K. and for those of you in another part of the world, it can be shipped straight to your doorstep. Enjoy! -Shauna

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