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Shauna here — I am so excited to announce the pre-sale of a book we just wrapped up for blogger and author, Gala Darling!

Gala and I met online in 2001 while she lived in New Zealand and I lived in Portland and bonded over our mutual obsession with blogging. When we finally met in person during a trip to New York in 2008, we were immediate friends.

Gala was the first full-time blogger I knew of and it’s been so inspiring watching her content blossom over the last nine years. Her focus revolves around helping women fall in love with themselves and live their best life possible.

Up until now, her content was only available on her blog, through digital products or workshops but starting on June 16th, you’ll be able to hold her first book, Radical Self Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream in your hands. Weighing in at over 200 pages, the content is not only relatable and helpful but the design is simply beautiful.

Congratulations to Gala on your first book — all your hard work has paid off and I’m so proud of you!

P.S. If you pre-order Gala’s book, you’ll receive a free audiobook as a thank you. The additional details are at the bottom of her post.

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2 thoughts on “Project Spotlight: Radical Self Love Book by Gala Darling

  1. I pre-ordered today, and can’t wait to read it! Everything is just absolutely lovely, and I can’t get enough of her throwing up the horns! \m/

    1. Yay, amazing! Hope enjoy it — it’s been such a labor of love for Gala piecing together all that content!

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