Project Spotlight: Olivine Atelier Box Set and Bath Salts

Branch | Olivine Atelier Box Set and Bath Salts

Over the last year, natural beauty brand Olivine Atelier has had hit after hit on their hands with prominent features in Teen Vogue, InStyle, US Weekly, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan and more. Anthropologie thinks they’re pretty swell, too — they now carry a mix of Olivine products!

To think that this journey started two years ago with us creating a logo for Olivine is hard to believe. Since then, multiple lines have rolled out in quick succession.

While all the products have been fairly popular, there’s one genre that has risen to the top — beauty mists. These multi-tasking products are vegan, smell amazing and can be used on the body and in the hair. The first was Love + Salt and when a few thousand bottles flew off the shelves, we knew we were onto something and followed up with Love + Roses.

The thing was, ladies who were new to the brand often bought the smaller, 2 oz. size of mists — but wanted to try out both scents. One day we were chatting with Julie when the idea came about to do a box set. The You Are Loved Box Set was born.

Branch | Olivine Atelier Box Set and Bath Salts

With perfumes, lotions and mists covered, Olivine was ready to move into the bath category. We just teamed up to produce Love + Peace Sparkling Pink Butter Bath, an effervescent soak that is loaded with Himilayan pink sea salt, cocoa and shea butters, muscle-soothing epsom minerals, and pure essential oils. Yes, it’s pure relaxation in a jar!

Both of these would make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts, don’t you think? Hop on over to Olivine Atelier and treat your mom…and pick up a special little something for yourself while you’re at it! -Shauna

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