Project Spotlight: My Non Leather Life

Branch | My Non Leather Life

My Non Leather Life is a vegan lifestyle blog with with a free spirit. While Victoria shares her own inspiring story of weight loss and interviews top vegan experts, what makes her blog different is that you get a really personalized look into the lifestyle, no holds barred. It’s possible to learn about everything from fruitarianism to pole dancing to self image in one sitting.

I met Victoria a few years back at a Blogcademy workshop in New York City and soon after that, we began the process of rebuilding her brand from scratch.

Over the next six months, we moved through three phases, first completing her branding, then collateral and social media and finally, her blog.

Branch | My Non Leather Life

What makes the branding of My Non Leather Life so interesting is that it has two themes to match Victoria’s interests. On one side, we have fruits and veggies taking the lead to promote the healthy diet and fruitarian side of things. On the other, we have moon phases which give the brand a more lifestyle feel.

In the beginning of the branding process, Victoria expressed dreams of eventually having her own line of vegan fashions and shoes (she seriously has the best vegan shoe board out there!) so it was important for us to provide her with branding that would grow with her. The key thread with all these variations were the color palette and fonts so her brand would remain recognizable.

My Non Leather Life was one of the most detailed brands we’ve ever worked on and seeing it translate to the web was so cool. One of my favorite features is a shop page of Victoria’s vegan product recommendations. The whole site is simple yet sophisticated and allows Victoria’s fantastic insights to shine.

Branch | My Non Leather Life

Check out My Non Leather Life right here.
Special thanks to Star and Jamaica for bringing the site to life! —Shauna

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