Project Spotlight: Luke Copping Promotional Booklet

Branch | Luke Copping Promotional Booklet

Photographer Luke Copping is one of our longest running clients and the best part about working with him is that he always comes to the table with new ideas for self promotion — he doesn’t just stick with tried-and-true postcards and e-newsletters.

Luke’s images can range from edgy to refined but no matter the subject, his style is always recognizable. His portfolio is extremely diverse but for this booklet, he wanted to target corporate clients. We used Luke’s identity throughout and punched it up with some color blocked panels. Corporate doesn’t have to equal boring and his photos throughout prove that.

Branch | Luke Copping Promotional Booklet

If you’re considering putting together promotional pieces for the new year, we’re big fans of Magcloud because printing on demand means you can produce as few or as many copies as you’d like. In the past, we’d produced a magazine-style format for Luke but for this piece, the more compact digest size was perfect. Their printing quality is fantastic and they can ship to nearly every corner of the world (yes, we’ve tested them on this a few times!)

One more tip: there’s a bulk discount of 25% when you order 20 or more of your item. Scroll all the way down for the pricing calculator to see what your project will cost!

Luke is always onto the next big idea — we’re gearing up right now to produce his newest concept and not surprisingly, it’s something completely different for him. More soon! -Shauna

5 thoughts on “Project Spotlight: Luke Copping Promotional Booklet

  1. When I started offering corporate services at the start of this year it was really new territory for me. Up until the end of 2012 my business had been focused almost exclusively on editorial and advertising photography. But as more and more of my past editorial subjects started requesting corporate PR imagery for themselves and eventually for their whole companies I started to put together a service pack and new business plan to make that type of work a more substantial and profitable part of my business.

    This digest promo was the first tool that I had put together for getting my work in front of these clients – and whether in digital or print it has been a huge success in bridging the creative aspects of my work with what my growing roster of corporate clients want and need service wise. Thanks so much for helping to create what has become one of my best marketing tools.

    PS. I am so excited to start working on the next promo and can hardly wait for the day I get to unveil it.

    1. Luke Copping: Thanks for sharing more details about how the booklet helped you. It’s been interesting watching you grow your business over the years and modify your offerings to fit the lifestyles and needs of your clients.

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