Project Spotlight: Olivine Atelier Love + Salt

Branch | Olivine Atelier Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist

Shauna here — after a few weeks of traveling, it’s good to be back in the office! At Branch, we’ve been working with Olivine Atelier a lot lately and it’s always inspiring because Julie, the founder is never one to rest on her laurels. We’ve worked together on multiple perfumes and lotions over the last two years and as soon as we wrap up a project, she always has another idea that she’s ready to turn into a reality.

For this particular project, Julie had the idea to create a beachy hair and body mist called Love + Salt. Inspired by the loose, hand done look of a lot of surf brands, I handwrote Love + Salt over and over again with a felt tipped pen in an effort to keep it loose and casual. Printed in gold on the surface of a glass bottle, it took on a more premium look and was a big hit at Anthropologie.

Anthropologie was just the beginning, though — over the following months, Love + Salt racked up mentions across People In Style, Us Weekly, Refinery 29 and Glitter Guide and the publicity hasn’t slowed down since. Pretty impressive!

We’re proud to have been a part of the aesthetics and branding of Love + Salt but really, the scent sells itself. One sniff of the smooth, coconut and pink Himilayan salt blend will transport you back to a relaxing, carefree day at the beach.

We’re already hard at work on some new products for this line because as I mentioned before, Julie is overflowing with awesome ideas. More soon!

Order your very own bottle of Love + Salt right here.

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