Project Spotlight: Kay Li Media Kit

Branch | Kay Li Fashion Media Kit

You may recall Kay Li from when we featured her branding last year — she founded her self-titled fashion label in 2012 and has been racking up accolades ever since. Based in Dubai, Kay Li’s collections show a distinct evolution — each stands on its own with a bold theme and color palette. The constant thread you’ll notice throughout is her penchant for avant garde yet wearable silhouettes.

The thing about fashion is that it’s fast-paced and each collection calls for its own set of promos, which quickly go extinct once the next line is released. When Kay Li came to us with the idea of producing a media kit she could easily update for each collection, we were on board.

Branch | Kay Li Fashion Media Kit

Since we produced this template, she’s already modified it substantially with fresh content and it’s exactly what we were striving for. As each collection comes to fruition, she can relink photos, update line items, add stockists and more.

All of her collections are like mini art collections but we’re especially fond of the one featured here, simply called Rocks. That geode-print fabric is pretty amazing!

All images courtesy of Kay Li. Learn more about her collections here.

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