Project Spotlight: Fred and Hannah

We Are Branch | Fred and Hannah

Earlier this year, we completed an identity and accompanying collateral for photography duo Fred and Hannah. Incredibly passionate about their craft, Fred and Hannah’s extensive portfolio speaks volumes about their skills and attention to detail.

We Are Branch | Fred and Hannah

They are a fun bunch, obsessively collecting vintage cameras. Their personalities are bold and adventurous and naturally, they needed an identity to match. The branding we developed represents the merging of Fred (cyan) and Hannah (magenta) to create the overlap in the center that makes their photography so wonderful. It’s that love, commitment and teamwork that really shines in every photo they take.

We Are Branch | Fred and Hannah

Their identity system is quite modular with the wordmark and icon working equally well apart as they do together. When handling such bold colors, it’s important to make sure that the branding doesn’t doesn’t overpower what matters most: the work. It’s a balancing act but we’re really happy with the outcome. Since our completion, Fred and Hannah have done a fantastic job of integrating the branding throughout their website and social media accounts.

Keep on creating amazing images, Fred and Hannah!

2 thoughts on “Project Spotlight: Fred and Hannah

  1. This branding is SO GOOD! I love the logo and the thought process behind it and as well as the attention to detail on all the supporting designs.
    Little awesome details is what I live for <3

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