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Branch | Chutzpah Creative

Shauna here — I first met FayAnn, an infectiously upbeat videographer last November while teaching The Blogcademy in Melbourne. After class, we had a solid half hour talk about design and video and I liked her immediately. A few month later, FayAnn got in touch with Branch to brand her video-focused business, Chutzpah Creative.

As we pinned away on a private board over on Pinterest, there was an intriguing mix of very bright colors (pinks, oranges and yellows) balanced out with black and white photos. Go bold or go home!

Most of the concepts we presented in the first round contained various forms of interlocking C’s for Chutzpah Creative but this was the clear winner because it also integrated a filmstrip. We envision it animating in film credits down the road.

Branch | Chutzpah Creative

Since Chutzpah does a variety of filming for clients ranging from corporate businesses to weddings to creatives / bloggers, we integrated a film clapper icon in a different color for each of the tiers. When we move onto the website, each client type will have its own dedicated page with the icon at the top.

We’re really happy with how the pieces all came together on this one and it’s been fun video chatting with FayAnn who lives on the opposite side of the world from us, in Perth Australia!

Thanks to Chutzpah Creative and FayAnn for allowing us to share the outcome and to Death To The Stock Photo for the background imagery.

12 thoughts on “Project Spotlight: Chutzpah Creative

  1. I LOVE this. So brilliant. This perfectly illustrates one of the reasons you’re a design idol of mine. Your designs are always so clever, gorgeous, and perfectly executed.

  2. Shauna, thank you thank you, and again, thank you. Your work and creativity is ah-mazing. Can’t wait to work with you again! Have an amazing time on the road with The Blogcademy Xx

    1. FayAnn: It was an absolute dream to work with you. Thank you for allowing us to push the boundaries! Beyond excited to be working with you again in the very bear future! -Shauna

  3. love this! stumbled upon IT in a search for brand COLOR palette inspiration and so glad i FOUND YOUR WORK AS iT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. NEW FAN OVER HERE 🙂

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