Project Spotlight: Aroha Silhouettes Gift Wrap

Branch | Aroha Silhouettes Gift Wrap

It’s always awesome when long-time clients come back to us for new promotional pieces as their brands grow and evolve. We began working with Canadian jewelry line Aroha Silhouettes nearly five years ago and based their “A” icon on the grooves of a record, the material that their first line was produced out of.

Founder Tania Hennessy, a former scientist, has a very forward, minimal aesthetic and has since expanded the line across multiple collections including one which covers the molecular structures of designer drugs.

With their unique, edgy designs, Aroha does a swift business with gift orders. To step up their presentation, Tania asked Branch to design some patterned wrapping paper. We chose a matte finish paper, created a repeating pattern and rotated it slightly to add even more visual interest.

Learn more about Aroha Silhouettes right here.

Special thanks to Tania Hennessy for the product photos!

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