Brand New Business Cards

Branch Business Cards

Around Christmas, our business card stash was nearly depleted and I decided that it was time for an updated look. Even just a few years ago, getting business cards printed on nice stock cost a small fortune but thankfully, Moo changed all that with their Luxe line. Ordering small quantities at an affordable price has given small businesses the luxury to switch things up more often.

The matte stock Moo uses is beautiful and the choice of fill colors (the color around the edge of the card) at no extra charge is always an added bonus. A word to the wise: when you’re running a business with multiple folks, aways do one run first to make sure the design is perfect before ordering for everyone else!

Branch Business Cards

While some folks sill like to argue that in this digital age, business cards aren’t necessary, I completely disagree. When it comes to small businesses especially, people are looking to make a genuine connection and business cards add a level of sophistication when you’re meeting for the first time. Never put yourself in the position of being the person who ends up scrawling your information down onto a napkin. After all, this is a business meeting, not a causal bar encounter!

Branch Mailing Labels

Upping our business card game was great but I’d also been eyeing Moo’s mailing labels. For the first few months of Branch’s existence, we didn’t think twice about scrawling addresses directly on envelopes. At the time, there were bigger things to worry about! The quality of these labels is great — they have a nice, glossy finish and are much nicer than using a home printer with a pack of labels.

As a small business, always go the extra mile to add those small, personalized touches; your customers will take notice. -Shauna

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