Project Spotlight: Luke Copping E-Promo

January 12, 2017

Overview As we get into the swing of the new year, it’s a good time to think about different ways you can promote your new work and services. One of the most most efficient ways to get the word out to your audience is through a newsletter. Photographer Luke Copping wanted to polish up the […]

The 5 Biggest Lessons of 2016

December 30, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I wanted to write a more personal post here because the work we produce only counts for so much. Behind that work is always people — the people seeking help to get the work done, the people producing the work and finally, the people consuming the work. We’re all interrelated. […]

Project Spotlight: Jeneration Academy

December 23, 2016

Overview There’s one final project to share before the year comes to a close and that’s Jeneration Academy, the sister brand to Jeneration PR. Project-wise, this is the place we started, since Jen wanted to turn her 10 years of PR experience into a self-paced online course over the Summer. There’s a definite beachy, vacation-inspired […]

Project Spotlight: Jeneration PR

December 21, 2016

Overview One of the highlights of 2016 was having the opportunity to work with Jeneration PR on a variety of branding and web projects. Jeneration is a Los Angeles-based boutique public relations and marketing firm with a specific focus on beauty, baby and lifestyle brands. Jeneration PR works 1-on-1 with their clientele providing both the […]