Pro Tips #2: Printing Resources

March 1, 2017

Ah, printers. There are so many out there — where should you even start? We do a surprisingly large amount of print design in the studio, from magazines to packaging to more traditional items like business cards. Depending on the job, we rotate between a handful different printers. Here’s a short and sweet list that […]

Pro Tips #1: Client File Storage

February 20, 2017

Welcome to Pro Tips, a new series dedicated to sharing bite-size tips and tricks that you can digest quickly and put to use! Let’s face it: we’re all busy and the last thing we need is another long-form article to digest that leaves us so overwhelmed by the end that we scrap it and go […]

Project Spotlight: Design Quixotic

February 9, 2017

Founded by Thea Kennedy, Design Quixotic is a celebration of design and beautiful miscellany. Whether crafting a blog post, social campaign for a client or doing creative direction for some of the biggest brands out there, Thea always has a pulse on the next big thing. And, if you’re a design aficionado who loves Pinterest, […]

Project Spotlight: Luke Copping E-Promo

January 12, 2017

Overview As we get into the swing of the new year, it’s a good time to think about different ways you can promote your new work and services. One of the most most efficient ways to get the word out to your audience is through a newsletter. Photographer Luke Copping wanted to polish up the […]