Branch is a boutique design studio
with a deeply personal approach.

Our Purpose


We specialize in helping
creative businesses reach
new heights through a
deeply personalized,
hands-on approach.


Our thoughtful solutions
help you draw in your
tribe of dream clients,
leading to more fulfillment
in your business and life.



Your brand is at the core of everything you do but is it communicating your message clearly?

You have the vision, drive and you’re ready to grow your business. Whether your business is your full-time gig, side-hustle or a passion project that’s just getting going, it has the potential to thrive even more with the right support behind it.

Crafting a brand that resonates with your target audience is no easy feat — and sometimes, you’re just too close to it to fully see the massive possibilities it holds.

Branch can help you craft your ideal brand so you can get back to what matters: your life, your business and your customers.

Are you ready?


Nice to meet you! I’m Shauna and I founded Branch in 2013. Early in my career, I worked gigs at a dozen ad agencies, perfecting the art of the side hustle. While the flow of work with Fortune 500 clients was plentiful, long summers spent sitting in dark offices while watching the world go by left me unfulfilled.

I dreamed of running a studio where being friends with clients was the norm, everyone’s viewpoint was heard and meetings that were big on time and short on ideas didn’t exist.

I longed for a life that existed outside of a cubicle and in response, built a like-minded support group through blogging. In 2007, I launched Nubby Twiglet and there was a near-immediate domino effect: the more stories and projects I posted, the more work flowed in. It taught me the power of authenticity early on: show up every day as your best self, openly share what you love and more of that will come back to you.

When the twig of Nubby Twiglet outgrew a spare room and became more work than one person could possibly handle, Branch was born. Four years in and two office spaces later, our tight-knit team works with clients from around the globe.

You + Us

We’re a full-service boutique design studio located in Portland, Oregon that specializes in branding, web and print solutions for a roster of worldwide clients. Whether you’re crafting your dream business from the ground up and need a stand-out suite of brand assets, launching a digital product, writing a best-selling book or in need of captivating packaging to take your lifestyle brand to the masses, we’ve got you covered.

These days, the more true you stay to yourself and your vision, the easier it becomes for your tribe of dream clients to connect with you. Branch can help you craft a brand that aligns with your mission, vision and values.

If you’re ready to explore how we can work together, please visit the services page. If you’d like to join our online tribe, you can find Branch on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. And, you can always find helpful resources over on the blog.

Here’s to taking your brand to new heights!

— Shauna and Branch





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